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And… They’re in Orbit!!!

Liftoff – Check. Delivery of 58 Starlink satellites into orbit – Check. Stick landing of Falcon 9 on return to earth – Check. Recovery of payload fairing – Check.

2020 might be a tough year for the majority of folks on earth, but SpaceX and MeshBox are making leaps and bounds in progress month on month as one paves the way for the future in the sky, and the other on the ground.

Yesterday SpaceX successfully launched 58 more Starlink satellites and 3 planet imaging satellites from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida. The weather was perfect, and so were all stages of the mission. You can rewatch the whole event here:

Meanwhile in Singapore, MeshBox is preparing to send entire microeconomies of tokens into orbit on the Spectrum blockchain as the team mentors 14 teams of students competing in the Singapore Blockchain Challenge to launch their MeshBox based entrepreneurial projects.

Soon Starlink satellites will be able to connect with MeshBoxes around the world enabling DeFi technology to run Hypermesh architecture that can be connected to the internet via MeshBox – Starlink connections, or just on a local mesh network provided by a standalone MeshBox and its peripheral IoT devices.

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