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MeshBox Use Cases Vol. 2 – Smart Hotels and Restaurants

There’s millions of hotels and restaurants in the world, and they all use a lot of appliances and equipment. Security cameras, smoke alarms, ovens, stoves, large freezers, gaslines, air conditioners, heating… the list goes on. In today’s rapidly emerging world of IoT connected devices, many of the aforementioned items have “smart” functionality built into them. That means they are not only somewhat automated, but also that they are connected to apps or interfaces on smartphones and computers, and can be managed, and also monitored through them.

MeshBox can help monitor and manage all smart equipment via customized DAPPs.

Many of these devices will use wifi to connect with the app or interface, and require internet service to operate in “smart” mode. But if the internet goes out, vital management and monitoring functionality can disappear with it. But connecting all your devices through MeshBox can eliminate this pitfall, and you could even have customized DAPPs built to interface with all your IoT devices. Furthermore, if you run outdoor Tesla MeshBoxes, devices can be reached up to 10km away via LoRa signals.

MeshBox + IoT can warn you of imminent danger.

A sophisticated and efficient setup like this could give you critical updates during a crisis, notifying you of fires, security breaches, or gas leaks, or simply keep you up and running all the time where internet is scarce (think about all those beautiful island resorts).

Plus, the Spectrum blockchain gives you the added advantage of tokenization, which could be used to incentivize guests, manage transactive energy, or used to implement a local economy. Guests could be given free tokens to watch movies stored on MeshBox, order drinks at the bar, or use local services in the area. The possibilities are endless.

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