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Singapore Blockchain Challenge: Phase 1 Winners Announced!!!

After a grueling six month stage of learning, networking, brainstorming, mentoring, innovating, collaborating, organizing and ultimately, presenting to a panel of judges, the Phase 1 Winners of the Singapore Blockchain Challenge have been formally announced!

Singapore Blockchain Challenge Phase I Finals
The Phase I Finals of the Singapore Blockchain Challenge was an action-packed full house.

On Saturday August 22, 2020 all 14 competing teams went live in front of a panel of esteemed judges and pitched presentations that were the result of 6 months of toil in very limited installments of time. The pressure was on and the competition was tight as all the teams had worthy ideas and made an all out effort to win.

The judges included:

Anson Zeall, the Chairman of ACCESS, Singapore’s Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association (, one of Asia’s most influential blockchain associations.

Ellen Goel, the Head of the Entrepreneurship Programme at Singapore University of Social Sciences.

The Singapore Blockchain Challenge judges had the tough task of scoring 14 great, hard-working teams.

Emma Cui, CEO of Longhash Singapore, a blockchain incubator that provides various support services for early stage blockchain start-ups, including technical support, mentoring and fund-raising.

George Yu, the president of Huobi University, deputy director of the Blockchain Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, Member of the China Computer Federation’s Blockchain Committee and special expert of the Blockchain Pilot Zone within the Hainan Pilot Free-Trade Port.

Henry Wang, Founder and CEO of SmartMesh Foundation Pte Ltd. and the Founder and President of International Blockchain Application Federation (IBAF).

After carefully watching all the presentations and also subjecting the teams to Q & A sessions, the judges scored each team according to a pre-designed rubric. It couldn’t have been easy with so many great ideas being presented one after the other. But nevertheless, after the dust settled and the scores of all the judges were compiled and assessed, it became clear that three teams edged out the others.

So… without further ado… the winnnnners are:

First Prize: DrugChain

First Prize

DrugChain rocked out first place with a thoroughly presented plan to put the squeeze on fake pharmaceuticals by employing MeshBoxes and Spectrum to work along the supply chain and get good medicine to people who need it.

Second Prize: Hashfun

Second Prize

Hashfun outplayed 12 other teams with their innovative idea for an app called Playnode that empowers young learners through Spectrum and MeshBox based tokenized incentives built into educational games.

Third Prize: Carelory

Third Prize

Carelory finished with a solid third place landing and an amped up team that’s clearly ready for more with their biometric aggregating plan to harness the power of Spectrum and MeshBox and use them to incentivize healthy lifestyles by matching users with the trainers, nutritionists and specialists that are just what the doctor ordered.

So what about all the other teams you ask? Well, many of them are not going anywhere! Phase 2 of the Challenge is just about to begin, followed by Phases 3 and 4 outlined here. So… the Singapore Blockchain Challenge, is not even halfway over!

Friedrich Nietzsche AKA Satoshi Nakamoto
“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

One takeaway from this competition was that, although there were three teams declared winners, there were no actual losers. In fact, ultimately, all these teams are vying for something much bigger than a prize, and that won’t be awarded by a panel of judges, but rather by real market viability and the passion to actually roll out finished products and services to market.

Many of these teams will continue on through the next three phases of the competition, developing and honing their ideas, and acquiring resources, personnel and traction as they turn MeshBox-HyperMesh-SmartMesh based ideas into real implementable projects cum companies and organizations. This is the real deal, and where the dark horses can break out into the open.

MeshBox Technology

This competition is proof of a thriving MeshBox – SmartMesh community that is bringing together teamwork, community, innovation with top notch partners like SUSS in the name of solutions that are across the board beneficial to humanity. Drugchain, Hashfun and Carelory carried the day in the Phase 1 Finals, but its up to all of us to work together to bring palpable decentralized inclusive solutions to all people and geographies, and beyond, so we can build a sophisticated and sustainable future world culture.

If you haven’t already, please join the conversation at our MeshBox Telegram group by clicking the link below or scanning the QR code… and bring everyone you know!

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