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Empowering Communities with Decentralized Mesh Networks

Recently we had the honor of hosting Lee Willson, an early blockchain Angel Investor and entrepreneur, on our series of MeshBox Telegram Live Q&A Sessions.

In a world where so much flies by on social media timelines, never to appear again until a haphazard search fires off a keyword that triggers its brief return to the top of a screen, it’s important to pull back important points for consideration, lest they get lost in the abyss.

Lee, who is also an advisor to SmartMesh, the sister company of MeshBox, created a very visual and novel image of MeshBoxes being deployed in increasingly larger domestic community ecosystems, and its worth taking a closer look at what he was illustrating. Here are some of his talking points summarized:

President of World Blockchain Foundation
Advisor of SmartMesh
Advisor of the Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox of China
Blockchain Ambassador.

I. Right now, pretty much everyone and everything on the internet is forced through the TCP/IP protocol, which leaves you at the mercy of your Internet Service Provider and centralized Telecom service. All your traffic is running through their channel, and every time you visit a website or send an email, you must go through them.

II. The SmartMesh protocol enables all devices to speak a common language, eliminating the need to go through TCP/IP, and talk directly with each other. MeshBox adds stability, strength and blockchain functionality to this protocol.

A building can become its own decentralized community-economy with HyperMesh architecture.

III. When deployed in say, a building, now all the devices can talk directly to each other. You can chat and send email directly. When you think about the current state of affairs, its kind of insane. To send a message to someone next to you, it must go through your router to a data-center probably hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away, and come back.

With HyperMesh architecture (the combination of devices, technologies and features using the SmartMesh protocol and MeshBox blockchain ecosystem) this redundant and costly requirement is eliminated. Imagine everyone in the building can host their own website, and nobody in the building, or their data throughput, has to leave it to connect to that website.

Not only does this increase security, but it slashes Telecom and ISP costs for tenants and building owners, and also presents a huge opportunity for community building, encouraging people to interact and transact with their local neighbors, as well as buy each others’ goods and services.

IV. On top of that, the MeshBox owners (probably the building landlords), can first of all provide connectivity and storage at a fraction of the price of current standards, charging less to their tenants, and come away with a monthly profit from mining SMT and MESH along the way.

V. A building has suddenly become a thriving, connected, micro-economy in and of itself and can even automate fees for electricity, gas, water and other utilities through tokenized transactive energy features.

VI. Now you take one of these buildings and outfit ten others in the complex and you have a whole neighborhood. Outfit whole neighborhoods with HyperMesh and you have a district. Outfit districts you have a region. Outfit several regions and you have a whole state. You can scale and scale, but the possibilities to customize each and every cluster are infinite deploying localized DAPPs and tokens.

HyperMesh Clusters can be scaled to districts, cities, regions, states and nations.

The post-Covid world will demand a better, more sophisticated infrastructure for communications, commerce, information, technology, security and much more. MeshBox and HyperMesh are now ready to deploy this much necessary upgrade empowering humanity for the better. Limited edition Pre-sales are starting very soon with incredible opportunities to not only empower communities, institutions and populations, but also with incredible ultra-high ROI gaurantees and multiple tiers of purchase and investment plans.

If you are interested in becoming a first adopter with gauranteed ROI, or just want to learn more and follow the project, then please join the MeshBox Telegram group by clicking the link or scanning the QR code below. You’ll get all the latest news and updates on MeshBox and its related technologies in realtime and bring your friends, because we’re holding live events there on a regular basis.

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