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MeshBox Use Cases Vol. 4 – Wildlife Protection

Wildlife is planet earth’s greatest treasure, and yet it is tremendous peril. Poaching, overfishing and deforestation are posing huge dangers which run largely unchecked. But MeshBox has something to offer: remote, deployable IoT infrastructure that could be used to set up cameras, detectors, measurement instruments and tracking equipment that can store data on an immutable ledger and then get it to who needs it.

MeshBox offers a unique opportunity to track animals wearing signal broadcasting devices. The Tesla MeshBox is equipped with LoRa capabilities that extend as far as 10km, and with a cluster of MeshBoxes strategically placed, you can cover a huge area of natural wild. You could also place video and static cameras triggered by sound or movements and have them store their files in MeshBox, which then, having a connection to the internet through at least one of the cluster boxes (via satellite or otherwise), could send them off to who needs them to analyze them.

Triggers could also set off alarms, alerting authorities to potential poachers entering an area and taking digital notes. Plus, a plethora of instruments could be designed to interact with DAPPs on the Spectrum chain to provide valuable research assistance on all sorts of flora and fauna. Thermometers and far more sophisticated devices could be deployed and trained to communicate their results and notifications to MeshBox.

Strategically placed MeshBoxes could help rangers and conservations protect and monitor natural areas and wildlife

Rangers could communicate more effectively and in a more sophisticated manner with their teams, and also with a throng of assisting hardware, through MeshBox networks. On top of that, the availability of tokens and coins deployed on Spectrum via MeshBox nodes could even potentially allow authorities to convince poachers to make a different kind of living, with an alternative economy brought to their locale.

Unlike telephone poles, lines, cables and towers, MeshBoxes are non-intrusive and non-destructive. They doen’t require clearing areas or erecting power plants. They can be deployed almost anywhere without disturbing their surroundings whatsoever. Humans must build a sustainable future for our planet now, and MeshBox can supply the infrastructure to support it.

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