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Community Bubbles

Right now the NBA Playoffs are being played in a “bubble” designed to keep the players out of harm’s way due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But this is far from the only case of isolation as families, communities and companies around the world find new ways of living and communicating to do the best they can to keep themselves safe.

Many are working in a bubble at home. Buildings are not allowing visitors or guests as easily as before, if at all. Roads have been blocked off, and whole sections of businesses closed down. The dynamics of interaction have seen a sea-change in less than a year, for human beings on planet earth.

Fortunately, the internet is up to speed to allow for sufficient video conferencing and web serving, that these isolated or semi-isolated bubbles can communicate with each other and, for now, life can go on and businesses can try to find new ways to operate.

But all the internet traffic is going through centralized ISPs and Telecoms. There is no “bubble to bubble” communication, or, at least, very little. But there could be, there should be… and soon there will be.

MeshBox and the SmartMesh protocol make it easy for people, devices, and communities to connect directly to send their data, communication and value transfers. This lends itself to bolstering communities and building them from the bottom up, rather than allowing mega-businesses to thrive and dominate “the web”.

In a Google Search, even local businesses can get blown away by global competition triggering the same search parameters. But in smaller ecosystems, they won’t, they’ll be right on top with only local competition. Enter a local mesh network, and you don’t have to worry about 10,000 pages of search results clouding your value, you’ll be as visible as a local Mom & Pop hardware store that sits on the main road of a small town.

The tokenization of these “bubble communities” also promotes ‘business within the bubble’ energizing local economies, and encouraging bubbles to partner with other bubbles and help each other out, rather than get drained out in global competition.

On top of these advantages, MeshBoxes allow communities to profit from the very services providing the infrastructure for their bubbles and allowing them to prosper. The world, now more than ever, needs community building from the ground up. MeshBox and HyperMesh architecture provide sophisticated new tools for doing just that.

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