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MeshBox Use Cases Vol. 6 – Festivals and Fairs

We all hope that this pandemic will subside as soon as possible, and when it does and the good weather hits, people are going to be itching to go to festivals and fairs of all sorts. Some of them will be a half day with a few hundred people, and others may take up a whole week with a few hundred thousand. One thing’s for sure, on the other side of this global paradigm shift there is a new reality waiting for us, and although we don’t know all the challenges it will bring, we can at least say it will also feature some serious societal upgrades.

When people come out of their Zoom caves after a solid year or more of physio-social hibernation, there’s going to be a call for some major events to be held. But there’s no reason to go back to the old way of doing things, when MeshBox can provide a robust array of features to beef up a big event.

For starters, forget about lousy connectivity because of a dense crowd. A few strategically placed MeshBoxes will have that problem solved with a flip of the on-switch. So now that everyone’s got coverage, what else? Tokens, tokens, tokens!!! Festivals are PERFECT for deploying special tokens that can be used anywhere within the venue. Let everyone load up through the Tango app and they can go to house on all the food, beverages, t-shirts, souvenirs, games and activities all around the festival.

Ice Cream Vendor Gets Paid via MeshBox

People can buy tickets for anything without waiting on lines, and custom DAPPs could be deployed that allow people to access any other features you want your event to have. Maybe its group chats, maybe its a lottery, maybe its a collective photo/video gallery. That part is up to the imagination of the event hosts and their developers.

Since Spectrum’s transaction fees are miniscule compared to Ethereum’s, everything is going to be sleek, fast and inexpensive in terms of performance. And then there’s all your IoT devices. Cameras, sensors, counters, stage equipment, lights, fire alarms and anything else can all be coordinated through MeshBox and they can use its native storage as a depot to offload their data.

Atmosphere comes into play too, because with a large group of people, you’re going to get power users from a variety of different chains at the event, and there will be ample opportunity for swaps, particularly between vendors and customers. And at a major outdoor festival, where you have some stray stalls outside the epicenter of router broadcasting, you’ve got Photon to complete your off-chain offline trades.

Let’s not forget that all the way along, instead of paying the internet bills, the festival organizers, and even vendors, can mine SMT and MESH just by providing bandwidth and storage to the crowd and all the IoT devices in the area. MeshBox can be used to operate, enhance and ultimately run the overall electronic infrastructure of any major or minor festival event.

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