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SmartMesh Foundation (SMT) Awarded “The Highest Growth Blockchain Brand 2020″

Recently, the Third China Brand Economy Summit and the 2020 CBERI Prize award ceremony were successfully held in Sanya, China and SmartMesh Foundation of Singapore (SMT) was awarded with “The Highest Growth Blockchain Brand 2020”.

The CBERI Prize was evaluated by more than 40 professional judges from the China Brand Economic Research Institute and other media outlets. This summit not only attracted the participation of established traditional enterprises, but also that of many companies in new technology industries such as blockchain, 5G, and artificial intelligence.

The Singapore SmartMesh Foundation was able to win ” The Highest Growth Blockchain Brand 2020″ award due to the distributed and decentralized network it is building that will establish an indispensable value network for the Internet of Everything, and lay down the foundation of the world’s new infrastructure.

The SmartMesh Foundation was established on October 25, 2017 with Chairman of the Singapore Fintech Association, Mr. Chia Hock Lai, registering as Director in the Singapore Business and Industry system. After graduating from Peking University with a master’s degree in physics in 1999, the founder and CEO Mr. Henry Wang, went to Northwestern University to study for a PhD in Astronomy and Physics. A year later, he transferred to Washington University at St. Louis to study a doctorate in Computer Science, during which time he worked as a system engineer and director of business development for an American chip company. In 2005, in order to realize the dream of One World One Web, Mr. Henry Wang resolutely dropped out of school and began his entrepreneurship.

Coincidentally, Mr. Henry Wang and JCR Licklider, the father of the Internet, are both alumni of Washington University at St. Louis. Licklider’s original concept of the Internet (it was named The Intergalactic Computer Network) originated from the launch of the world’s first satellite. The Intergalactic Computer Network was conceived to be a distributed mesh network, but because the TCP/IP design protocol layer is relatively simple, there is no distributed accounting functionality to support its expansion. Now the development of the Internet has become more and more centralized. Facebook data has been leaked many times, exposing the biggest weakness of the centralized Internet.

Based on the global consensus of the spectrum blockchain, SmartMesh has developed a second-layer Photon network, which can be used for distributed accounting and small lightning payments. There is no theoretical upper limit to the concurrent M2M payment threshold of the Photon network. It is a foundation for the Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything. The use of SMT tokens to incentivize mesh networking solves the problem of over-centralized data that the fathers of the Internet are worried about.

In 2018, the SmartMesh Foundation realized the world’s first two-way digital currency (token) SMT unlimited offline payment. In the same year, the MeshBox project was incubated. This intelligent hardware “box”, which integrates network routing, computing power, and storage established the fifth-generation of IT architecture, namely HyperMesh transactive architecture. The previous four generations of IT architectures (minicomputers, Google MapReduce, virtualization on the cloud, and hyper-convergence) were all confined to centralized servers. The HyperMesh transactive architecture proposed by Mr. Henry Wang, will allow human IT architecture to move from a centralized servers to homes, shopping malls, farms, the mountains, and beyond covering every corner of the earth for the first time.

The accelerated development and dispatchment of low-orbit satellite constellations this year, such as those of the Starlink project launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, Masayoshi Son’s Oneweb, and China’s Starnet, will connect 3.9 billion people in the world who are not connected to the Internet. In the next ten years, the interconnectivity will be realized through the integration of space-ground networks. The SmartMesh network, where MeshBox serves as the last mile connecting node for a space-ground integrated network, is also the perfect carrier for the Internet of Things, distributed storage and edge computing.

On January 15, 2020, Mr. Henry Wang and Professor David Lee, Vice Chairman of the Singapore Economic Association, jointly established the Singapore Blockchain Living Laboratory at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). Starting from Singapore, SmartMesh and MeshBox will release a decentralized distributed architecture that can serve the entire world, fostering a global tokenized ecosystem. Atmosphere, the cross-chain architecture augmenting the SmartMesh Spectrum public chain, can support the expansion of various blockchain DeFi inclusive financial services in emerging regions around the world. In the next ten years, the integration of the space and ground will be the the most rapidly expanding field in the world, and SmartMesh will be the world’s most valuable brand.

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