MeshBox is a hardware routing box that is equipped with on-board blockchain technology allowing it to run as a node in the Spectrum public blockchain. It is mining capable and the outdoor Tesla version can serve both Wifi and LoRa signal broadcasts while the indoor Maxwell version serves Wifi only.
SmartMesh is a protocol that allows devices to communicate directly with each other with blockchain based, tokenized accounting functionality and is the standard connecting gateway protocol for HyperMesh architecture, thus replacing and upgrading the TCP-IP protocol.
Spectrum is the public blockchain that runs on MeshBox and is configured through the SmartMesh protocol. Spectrum nodes can run on MeshBoxes or on other devices.
MESH is the utility token of MeshBox that is deployed on the Spectrum chain. It is used to operate MeshBox's storage functionality allowing MeshBox operators to profit from devices that store data on a MeshBox.
SMT is the utility token of SmartMesh, it is deployed on the Spectrum chain and is available on several exchanges including Huobi, HitBTC and Gate.io. SMT can be earned when devices, including MeshBox, provide bandwidth through the SmartMesh protocol.
Atmosphere is the cross-chain functionality that allows users of the Spectrum blockchain to swap coins with other blockchains such as the Bitcoin and Ethereum chains.
Photon is the layer-2 extension with functionality that allows Spectrum chain users to make direct token exchanges with other users without being connected to the internet or to the Spectrum network directly.
Ozone is the portal that allows users to access the Spectrum chain and access information such as transaction information and block generation.
Tango is the native wallet for all tokens deployed on the Spectrum chain. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.
HyperMesh is the overall architecture created from deployments of MeshBox, SmartMesh, Atmosphere, Photon, Ozone, Tango, SMT and MESH.
LoRa is a long-range chirping signal broadcast that can be used in IoT device environments. MeshBox Tesla is equipped with LoRa broadcasting functionality.
Tesla is the outdoor version of MeshBox and has both Wifi and Lora broadcasting capabilities. Maxwell is the indoor version of MeshBox and has Wifi broadcasting capability. Both devices additionally have storage capabilities and can run as nodes on the Spectrum chain.
Presales are available now if you contact us directly, more details will be forthcoming soon. There will be both direct purchases as well as mining investment scenarios available for investors.
Yes, DAPPs can be created in much the same way that they are designed and deployed on the Ethereum chain through the MeshBox docker.
As soon as we collect all addresses from FCoin. It will be completed before MESH is listed on any other exchanges.