An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Benjamin Franklin

What is Apollo?

Apollo is an educational app which aims to close the widening gap of education inequality between the poor and the rich. We aim to harness the potential of the Smart Mesh Network, powered by Meshboxes, to facilitate incentivised-learning for students from low-income families

The Poverty Cycle

A child in a lower-income family is significantly disadvantaged in education as the child’s family simply cannot afford enrichment lessons for the child. The child has to start working earlier to alleviate the family’s financial burdens. The child does not see the benefits of a well-provided education in escaping the poverty cycle. The child only sees how earning an income now can help with the family woes.

Breaking the Poverty Cycle with Apollo

Learn to Earn. Not Earn to Learn

Students will be paid SMTs upon completion of milestones, achievements in the application. Now, needy students will be incentivised to study. This will solve the dilemma of them wanting to work while studying, as the SMTs will cushion some of their own financial burden which is affecting their effort and energy spent in learning.

Classroom Reimagined. Education Reinvented.

Learning has never been more portable, accessible and flexible. Learn at your own pace. Students can access recorded lessons on their smart devices with a chat feature. This chat feature will also serve as future references where students can review their own documents. The interface is gamified to encourage the child to stay engaged. Learning can be fun, and rewarding too.

Process Flow

Firstly, if the student has internet connection (such as being on campus or central studying area), they can connect their phones/smart devices to SmartMesh network as nodes to earn SMTs.

Students can use the SMT earned to exchange for education service from tutors.

Students will be rewarded by passing quizzes, improvements in their grades and for good conduct.

As tutors get paid in SMT, it incentivises tutors to teach. Tutors may also be rewarded if their students better their grades. Furthermore peer tutors will be awarded a blockchain certificate as recognition for their effort
Attendance, grades, certificates and learning resources can be recorded on blockchain to prevent fraud, duplication and piracy

Meet the Team behind Apollo

Genevieve Lin, 25
Undergraduate, SUSS Finance
Gabriel Tan. 25
Undergraduate, SUSS
Rick Chua. 25
Undergraduate, SUSS