EduChain Inc. (BC-21)

Project Brief:

EduChain Inc aims to utilise the concept of Tokenomics, Blockchain Technology and HyperMesh infrastructure to improve access to education in Singapore for all, particularly the underprivileged communities, thereby ensuring equality of opportunities in the society.


Lim Ee Teck (Year 3 Economics, NUS)

Ee Teck is a Senior Undergraduate in National University of Singapore (NUS), pursuing a Bachelors in Social Sciences (Economics). Passionate on social issues, Ee Teck hopes to use what he learnt in school and technology to enact beneficial social changes that benefits the larger community.

Why the need for this project?

As mentioned earlier, EduChain Inc. wishes to address the issue of inequality in education, particularly in the accessibility of resources for lower-income households and special-needs community. The below slides provides more information on the needs for solutions addressing sources of inequality.

What are the key features of this solution?

EduChain Inc. is a platform that utilises several key functions to address this issue.

We plan to tap on HyperMesh infrastructure to address the issue of lack of access to internet broadband by the underprivileged community through a 2-pronged approach: 1) availing materials stored in MeshBoxes offline and 2) building a decentralised sharing network that can help to bring costs down.

On top of this, EduChain Inc also aims to be a one-stop learning portal complementing formal education needs, similar to the current learning management systems (LMS) used in schools today, but with a more comprehensive coverage of available data of the student.

In addition, we also aim to support varied learning modes/formats that is secure, so students can learn with ease. Examples include: video recordings with subtitles and playback speed options, video conferencing options in place of physical instruction and audio podcasts.

As mentioned earlier, one thing we aim to achieve is to allow for improved accessibility of learning resources. We do so through 2 approaches: 1) developing comprehensive e-learning resources readily available and accessible to students and 2) making the process of seeking additional guidance convenient and cheap.

Yay rewards! But what are the rewards?

Users of the platform will be rewarded with EduPoints to incentivise positive behaviours, such as commendable attendance and marked improvement in work.

Sounds good! What are the future plans for EduChain Inc.?

The below slides are a brief description of the commercialisation timeline and the development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the app.