Hashfun (BC-07)


To motivate every child who forgets to dream


To provide the most engaging learning environment to realise every child full potential.


Member 1: Sofia Tan

Sofia believes in the importance of lifelong learning and challenging personal biases. She loves to read and dwell on topics from biomedical science, philosophy and positive psychology. She is also a mental health advocate and visualize an inclusive society that can be achieved with technology advancement. She believes that PlayNode can be the foundational step in empowering the younger generations to living the fulfilling life through engagement flow in learning. She enjoys running, HIIT, yoga and discussing food. She can be found in libraries, food centers, museums and gardens. 

Member 2: Abdurrahman Bin Mohamed Norhan

Rahman is passionate about advocating financial inclusion to better people’s lives through the power of education. Being a financial advisor allows him to empower his clients with the right financial tools to make informed decisions. He wants to make a more meaningful impact by making academic resources accessible and engaging to all students of varying backgrounds regardless of their social standing by taking on this challenge. He hopes to leave behind a lasting legacy in promoting inclusive education to ensure equal opportunities for society.

Member 3: Emily Yeung

Emily is passionate about data analytics and fintech. She dreams to be her own “boss” someday. She enjoys outdoor activities and holidays. She seeks to incorporate blockchain technology with “Hashfun” as she believes in Learning without Limits & Learning through Play.

Main Content:

PlayNode dApp

  • Interactive gaming platform
  • Recorded educational videos 
  • Usage of point system
    • Incentivise students to earn rewards
  • Adopting an Engaging Curriculum Setting for Remote Learning

Partnerships with Game Developers

  • Rewards from PlayNode could be exchanged for game tokens to be used in top gaming platforms

Use of AI Technologies

  • Extract Data insights and Improve overall game experience to cater to special needs students