Mesh It Education (BC-23)


Achieve reduced inequality through establishing equal learning opportunities for everyone not restricted to age, gender, income, location or other determinant factors


Achieve inclusive and efficient learning through a personalized application of theoretical and practical approaches to both the connected and unconnected


Education for all by creating and bringing education places to learners

Project Brief:

Our aim is to create an expanding ecosystem built upon content circulation primarily involving creators and learners through the followings:

  • Automatic transactions between learners’ offers and content creators’ agreements through application of smart contracts.
  • Blockchain and AI generated applications on transparent assessment of learners’ performance and token incentivization reward systems through smart contracts.
  • Application of AI on content moderation and personalized educational content (customized curriculum) throughout learners’ education journey up to the suggested career options and pathways.
  • Utilization of Hypermesh architecture on MeshBox and SmartMesh for secure data storage whether online/offline, smart contracts, accessibility to internet, photon network payment whether online/offline, IoT terminal data for our long term goal on adopting MR technology which make up VR, AR and IoT technologies for immersive learning.
  • Availability of built-in options for conversion of tokens, one of which is a charity program through use of gamification on performance targets for learners with higher incomes to convert their tokens for electronic devices (Phones, Ipads, PC, Laptop, etc) for learners with lower incomes.
  • Partnership with parties advocating investment on quality education whether public, private, NGOs or others.


Member 1: Ng Yu Xin

Ng Yu Xin
SMU Accounting

Member 2: Shannen Davelyn Kosasih

Shannen Davelyn Kosasih,
SIM-UOL Accounting & Finance
Photography & Film

Problems identified:

Existing capacity gap in education worldwide has led to

Main Content:

Content circulation flow within the ecosystem:

Mesh promotes collaborative ecosystem across all users and participants involved. With the emergence of industry 4.0, we aim to create an immersive and practical learning environment through adopting AI, Blockchain and Mixed Reality (utilizing Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Internet of Things) technology. The synergy of these technologies will diversify the methodologies available accustomed for different content categories & subcategories and designed a personalized lifetime education platform for all types of learners across all sectors.

For instance, a platform that could represent a personal guide for a remote learning farmer who performs agricultural practices to go through the following transition phases:

  1. Traditional farming
  2. Mastery of single modern input, such as efficiency utilization of fertilizer
  3. Mastery of several complementary inputs through technology aid and practical application of math, chemistry and biology knowledge learned
  4. Full irrigation based farming and mastery of calculating potential effects

Performance based rewards system:

Token incentive system with gamification concept implemented to encourage users to indulge deeper into the art of personalized and exploratory learning. Through earning mesh it tokens, studying enables them to earn money. This is especially empowering for those living in emerging market developing countries where the opportunity cost of schooling is high and there is a high tendency of negative perception the community has towards schooling – primarily parents who have no funds to invest in education for their children. Autonomy is given for learners to choose available token conversion options, one of which is a donation program dedicated for higher income learners to help fund potential learners purchase electronic devices to equip their learning journey.

Implementation of token rewards distributed to content creators once specific rating grade criteria is met represents additional good performance payment or may be regarded as bonus payment for teachers. By letting students directly expressing their gratitude and insight, creators will feel emotionally rewarded and valued for the contribution of their works within the ecosystem.

Our potential partners:

Overview of our Revenue Model:

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