Project Tokenate – A project on Transparent Charity (BC-14)


To be the forerunner of inclusive, secure and transparent charity


To create a blockchain-based charity system that opens up opportunities to those in need of help by allowing for larger inclusiveness of societies yet with enhanced security and transparency

Project Brief:

The problem we want to address: To prevent embezzlement of donation funds by charity organisations to maximise help to beneficiaries by tokenising and tracking these donations

Our solution:


Clarisa Lim

Sophomore pursuing a Double Degree in Economics & Business at Singapore Management University, passionate about helping companies digitalise their operations

Jasmine Teo

Sophomore pursuing an Economics Degree at Singapore Management University, passionate about data analytics and digital economy

Jonathan Tan

Penultimate undergraduate pursing an Economics Degree at National University of Singapore, passionate about FinTech and Blockchain technology

Main Content:

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Minimum Viable Product

Use Case: Secondary School students under Financial Assistance
Where: In-house school bookshops & canteens