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Whether you are a small business in the tourism sector, or a traveler seeking for a more authentic experience, we work on an inclusive ecosystem to provide you with equal access to opportunities and resources.

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Building a Decentralized App (DApp) to create fair opportunities for all

SmartTravel is a decentralized solution for Content Authentication (through reward-penalty model) and Content Monetization (contribute-to-earn rewards model).

Our Vision A sustainable and inclusive tourism industry.

Our Mission Leveraging on new technologies to empower the undeserved, to alleviate poverty by creating equal business opportunities in a fully-connected world.

What We Provide:

A decentralized mobile application called the SmartTravel DApp

To enhance visibility of unexplored places of the world,

Through the eyes of the locals or the resourceful traveler,

Woven into beautiful visual stories, and

Empowering every business with the opportunities to thrive.

Our objectives:

The mobile app design is focused on pushing neutrality and promote justified reviews to reduce information biasness for a fairer community. Monetizing true content sharing amongst the locals for international travelers with a purpose of keeping the wealth in the community.

As a decentralized mobile application built on SmartMesh network, it have the potential to scale beyond borders.

The bigger motivation for the birth of SmartTravel is to empower all stakeholders to come together to create an exciting new tourism industry,  one that is inclusive and sustainable!

Why decentralized system works better?

  • Distributed ledger is immutable which prevents data breaches,  hence its reliability.
  • Privacy of the local community and tourists as they can remain anonymous and hence avoid potential risk of collusions.

Why we need a token economy?

  • Reward and penalty system shapes targeted behavior and prevents bad actors from gaming the system.
  • Reduce information biasness, thus reinforcing the importance of a level-playing field.

Participating Nodes

The Tokens & Its Purposes

Token Economy Reward & Penalty

Process Flow

Phase 1 Pilot: Pulau Ubin

Tourism Development with SDG Goals

Who are we targeting?

The Team Behind SmartTravel:

Jerry Gan, SUSS, Master of Finance

A Principal Engineer with background in the engineering profession, passionate about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies. Jumped into the crypto industry as an investor and blockchain advocate in early 2017.

Alex Tan Teck Heng, SUSS, Master of Finance

A financial practitioner in the financial markets, with background and knowledge of corporate and institutional business operations, capital markets, fund management, digital marketing, compliance.

Brenda Lim, SUSS, Master of Finance

Finance professional with experiences in Risk Management and Corporate Banking. Passionate about Fintech and Blockchain Technology.